Angel Investor & Startup Advisor

Written for founders I have invested in, am considering investing in, or who want me to invest in them. I aim to be the most useful angel on your cap table.

  • If you want me as an angel, email me. I don't mind cold emails.
  • I write $5k to $50k checks to 10-30 startups every year, and introduce them to other useful angels and institutional funds for additional capital.

I love helping with

  • 📈 Growing teams. I've taken teams from 4 —> 400
  • 🤝 M&A Strategy (fyi this begins at founding). I've sold 3 companies as founder and / or CEO
    • 1st for $3m, 2nd for $25m, 3rd for $165m to a public company ($LRN)
    • I’ve learned a ton from each one. I love helping founders make sure they exit for the maximum amount possible by creating a win/win for the acquirer, and put themselves in a good situation post - transaction.
  • 💳 Getting your first 100 paying customers
  • 💰 Raising capital: Pre-seed, Seed, Series A, B, C
  • 😡 Founding team issues
  • I'm not great at: Top-down Enterprise Sales
👈🏽 A preview of my opinionated beliefs

My Contact Information

  • iMessage / Text / Call: 314-537-1024 (usually 1 day turnaround)
  • Email: harshpravinpatel@gmail.com (2+ day turnaround)